About Sharing Gentofte

Sharing Gentofte is a citizen-driven platform for a greener, more sustainable and stronger local community.

Our mission is to unite locals and new members of our northern suburb of Copenhagen (and beyond!) through new forms of citizen engagement, local leadership, and sustainable social programming. 

Our platform is built on the idea of “fællesspisning” (a common dinner) bringing old and new members of our community together over a friendly, supportive meal. We continue to bring new community-led workshops, social activities, and celebrations for locals to just meet and ‘check in’ and feel welcome.  We work support sustainable urban development through citizen co-creation, so our local citizens feel empowered as stakeholders and decision-makers in their own community. 

To learn more about our story, read the article by our co-founder Bo Christiansen, “The Welfare State 2.0 : Co-creating a new citizen-driven future”

Thank you for visiting us here – perhaps we will see you in Gentofte!